We are transforming payments for businesses and sole traders.

Businesses and sole traders struggle with payments - whether it’s high transaction fees levied onto the business by the current payment processors used today, or chasing up late payments - a huge cause of cash flow challenges.

Our mission is to increase liquidity in the SME market, and decrease the huge funding gap that exists in the UK.

Businesses and sole traders are crucial to global economies both for wealth creation and for the people they employ. Productivity growth is essential for promoting long-term economic growth and higher living standards.

It is therefore vital that businesses and sole traders are given the best chance of succeeding.

Business Selling Flowers

Why are you called tomato pay?

tomato pay is the trading name of Fractal Labs Ltd.

We're a team of technologist, data and behavioural scientists, payment and finacial experts. In mathamatics, fractals are a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

Fractal patterns occur in nature. They are organic, just like businesses, and frankly, just like tomatoes. So rest assured, that nestled neatly behind the simplicity of one of our favouriate fruits, we're solving complex problems to help you get on with your business.

We love building simple, thoughtful, user-friendly products for businesses, sole traders and consumers, so naturally we wanted to have a name and brand that reflects those values.