Fair for people

Support businesses and your local communities with contactless, cardless, payments between £0.01 and £1,000,000. Whether it’s your repair person, your local coffee shop or your local convenience store, tomato pay works wherever you go.

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Coffee House Selling Coffee

A fairer way of paying in your community

Our low fees and fast payment transfers allow businesses to manage and access cash almost immediately. It enables them to plan ahead and respond quickly to changing circumstances.

  • Steady cash flow is crucial to thriving, diverse local communities.
  • Lower costs for the businesses you support.
  • More of the money you spend goes directly to the business owner and not their payment providers.
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tomato pay App with Speech Bubbles
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Cash-free, card-free, hassle-free

A new way to pay. Our technology manages any payments, large or small, and connects to 99% of UK banks (you can see available banks here).

  • Completely mobile.
  • No set-up, simple and easy process.
  • No more card minimums at shops, any amount is possible.
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Earn money while you spend it

Coming Soon!

Join for free and earn cashback and loyalty rewards from your favourite businesses, big and small.

  • Loyalty schemes.
  • Cashback.
  • Financing options.
  • Early payment discounts.
  • Pre-order products and services.
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No matter who you are, welcome to the payments revolution.

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