CashFlow Manager
by Santander | tomato pay

Santander, one of the UK’s leading banks, partnered with tomato pay to bring to market the CashFlow Manager app.

tomato pay app
tomato pay app
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Santander allows SMEs to connect all UK bank accounts, even non-Santander accounts, onto the CashFlow Manager app by Santander | tomato pay, so that all finances, regardless of account type, sit in one place.

Within the app, Santander’s partner, tomato pay provides businesses with a QR-code based payments functionality to request and receive payments in just a few clicks.

Together, the CashFlow Manager app by Santander | tomato pay is a simple, effective way to connect all bank accounts, manage cash flow and is the most affordable way for businesses to receive payments from customers.

Key features of
CashFlow Manager
by Santander | tomato pay

  • Connect all UK business bank accounts.
  • View all incoming and outgoing transactions from connected accounts.
  • Transactions are automatically analysed and categorised.
  • Easily request and send instantly settled payments.
  • Quote, contract and invoice customers.
  • No chargebacks or card fees.
  • Receieve instant financing.
tomato pay app

Why are Santander and tomato pay partnering?

Santander and tomato pay share the same mission - to support businesses with financial products that are easy-to-use, cost-effective and that simplify the day-to-day financial work done by individuals within these businesses.

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Together, we believe that we can support the flow of cash within the UK economy and create an opportunity for a better, fairer standard of working and living for businesses and those that they employ.

Both Santander and tomato pay are at the forefront of building useful solutions that can make a positive financial impact immediately on businesses in the UK.

Santander and tomato pay

How to use the CashFlow Manager by
Santander | tomato pay app

If you want to know more about the CashFlow Manager app by Santander | tomato pay functionality, or you’re curious about the direct benefits for you and your business, we have several ways for you to get the answers that you’re looking for:

Security and privacy is powering CashFlow Manager
by Santander | tomato pay

Your security is always our number one priority. We’ve designed the app so that you authenticate with the phone’s built-in biometric functionality. This way your business’ finances continue to stay safe and private.

tomato pay security

tomato pay is a FCA-regulated, secure payments app. It is built on the tomato pay banking and payment platform. tomato pay is a brand owned and operated by Fractal Labs Ltd. Fractal Labs Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 813019).

Santander UK PLC is authorised by the PRA and regulated by the FCA and PRA (Financial Services Register Number: 106054).

The CashFlow Manager App T&Cs can be found here and the tomato pay T&Cs here, and Santander’s Privacy Policy here and tomato pay’s Privacy Policy here.