tomato pay:
the fairer, ethical way to pay

tomato pay is a free, QR-code based payments app for businesses and sole traders to receive payments from their customers in a fairer, ethical way.

tomato pay is the most affordable way for businesses to receive payment almost instantly into their bank account, gets rid of card minimum fees at the till, and ensures that business owners receive no more chargebacks.

Customers can support their local communities by paying local businesses in a cashless, hassle-free way whilst saving money in the process.


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Fair for businesses

Benefit from a low-cost, easy-to-use payments app that enables fast cash settlement to support and grow your business at your pace.


We make your cash flow

tomato pay the fastest and most affordable payment solution. It enables businesses to manage their cash without delay, to plan ahead and to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

  • One small flat fee. Always know what you're paying. No more hidden fees.
  • Payment appears almost immediately in your bank account.
  • Set it up to pay out however you like, at whatever frequency you want.
  • No more card minimum at the till, any amount up to £250,000 is possible.
  • No more chargebacks. Unlike cards, there are no cash minimums and no refund fees.

Open to any kind of business, right now

No matter the size of your business, everyone is welcome. tomato pay is a simple, ready-to-use service that connects 99% of banks (you can see available banks here) and can handle any kind of account to account payment.

  • No set-up necessary. Ready for use immediately.
  • Can be used at in-person checkouts and online checkouts, and can be used to give and receive invoices.
  • Enhanced customer experience -- no manual entry of payment details for in-person checkouts, online checkouts and when invoicing.
  • Quick and easy refund process.

Protect what’s yours

We know how important it is to keep your data secure.
tomato pay never handles your money, it simply provides a secure connection to your bank to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

  • FCA-regulated. Complete bank grade encryption, and none of your sensitive banking data is ever shared with third parties.
  • Less fraud. All payments are authorised through your bank.
  • Instant confirmation of all incoming and outgoing payments.

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Fair for people

Support businesses and your local communities with contactless, cardless, limitless payments. Whether it’s your repair person, your local coffee shop or your local convenience store, tomato pay works wherever you go.


A fairer way of paying in your community

Our low fees and fast payment transfers allow businesses to manage and access cash immediately. It enables them to plan ahead and respond quickly to changing circumstances.

  • Steady cash flow is crucial to thriving, diverse local communities.
  • Lower costs for the businesses you support.
  • More of the money you spend goes directly to the business owner and not their payment providers.

Cash-free, card-free, hassle-free

A new way to pay. Our technology manages any payments, large or small, and connects to 99% of UK banks (you can see available banks here).

  • Completely mobile.
  • No set-up, simple and easy process.
  • No more card minimums at shops, any amount is possible.

Earn rewards when you spend

Coming Soon!

Easily communicate with your favourite businesses. Order in advance, receive financing, early payment discounts and earn loyalty rewards.

  • Loyalty schemes.
  • Buy now, pay later. Early payment discounts.
  • Pre-order products and services.

Powering tomatopay

tomato pay is a FCA-regulated, secure payments app. It is built on the Fractal Labs’ banking and payment APIs. tomato pay is a brand owned and operated by Fractal Labs Ltd.

You can read the Fractal Labs' AIS T&Cs here, PIS T&Cs here, and our Privacy Policy here.