tomato pay
the fairer, ethical way to pay

tomato pay is a free, QR-code based payments app for businesses and sole traders to receive payments from their customers in a fairer, ethical way.

tomato pay is the most affordable way for businesses to receive payment almost instantly into their bank account, gets rid of card minimum fees at the till, and ensures that businesses receive no more chargebacks. Customers can support their local communities by paying local businesses in a cashless, hassle-free way whilst saving money in the process.

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Coming Soon: tomato pay invoices

Our invoice solution is the quickest, easiest way to issue invoices and to get paid on time.

  • Quick and easy to create an invoice within the app.
  • Payments are embedded into the application so no need to give your payment details, the app redirects the customer to their bank account funds instantly to you.
  • Dynamic discounting and late penalties are pre-built within the app. You are in control of the limits you set.
  • Nudges to remind your customers and clients to pay.

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